The Leak Pro®  Probe

Leak Pro probe is "the simplest and most versatile, new technology for water leak locating.  [patent pending]
Made from strong Thick durable aluminum, with a exclusive type of stainless rod.
         LEAK PRO probe is designed for plumbers and rugged abuse.
                              What does a Leak Pro probe do?
     The LEAK PRO probe is  great for locating "Residential Slab leaks                                                and swimming Pool Leaks" 
  LEAK PRO PROBE Comes with Battery charged and ready to go,Just plug in the headphones and you are in business.
       NEW Pricing: ONLY $1200.00. Next Day Shipping Available
              Call to place your order, phone 760 832 5325

Helium Detector

*Note: Helium detector Comes with a specific type of flow gauge and adapters for different types of water pipe connections 
Using the unbeatable combination of the LEAK PRO Probe and Helium Detector you can't miss a leak.

 Once the LEAK PRO probe has identified an area for inspection, you drill a small hole through the slab floor(In most cases there is a stress crack or a toilet flange or water pipe coming up through the concrete and drilling is not necessary) then inject Helium into the water line. The Helium Detector is then used to sniff the helium coming up through the concrete, thereby confirming the leak is very close.
Locating leaks outside between the water meter and the building is even easier using helium.

Call for Price,  760 832 5325 
Complete w. tank gauges (no tank)

The Air Anywhere Kit 

The Air Anywhere Kit ,A 12 Volt pump is remotely controlled from up to 200 feet away, and is easily snapped onto a Water Heater Line, Or Hose-bib.
This unit slides easily into the trunk of a car, or the back of a truck, or a Jeep as you see here. It can be used for air pressure testing, plumbing pipe and also swimming pool and spa systems.It holds up to 150 feet of air hose. I also use it personally for diving underwater, to locate swimming pool leaks.
To purchase all three pieces, LEAK PRO PROBE the AIR ANYWHERE KIT and the HELIUM DETECTOR with flow gauge is $4000.00. Financing is available.                                                      Free shipping.
                                    Call  760 832 5325 
                      Just a few points about LEAK PRO® the company.
     We are the only company that stays with you after you purchase
                     equipment from us. We are as close as your phone.
         There is never been a greater need for leak locating specialists,
                             especially in the Western states.
                We have helped put more non-franchise business into business
                           than anyone in the leak locating industry.
                     We put the tools in the box, you take out your business.

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