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The Leak Pro Probe  (With Headphones)
NOW $1300.00!!!!

What does a Leak Pro probe do?

The leak pro probe, Puts you into the leak detection
business instantly,

And allows you to be paid $200.00 an hour or more.

The LEAK PRO probe is simply the greatest product to hit the international market for detecting "Residential Slab Leaks" or other underground water leaks.

  •  Battery included for at least two years of battery life, battery replaceable anywhere 
  • batteries are sold.

                     NEW Pricing:
Now ONLY $1300.00 
                                                    to place your order, 
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"We as a company, do not understand why any person would spend $8,000 per semester for four years and have to fight in a struggling market to find a job, when that same person can spend three days of training with leak pro and become their own boss in a thriving field working part-time hours making $85,000 a year, Truly helping people in the community, Helping save one of earths most precious commodities, and gaining the respect of the plumbers in your area.
Just take a moment and think of all the water pipes that are in the ground around the world."©

A quote form a customer:

"As a service provider, Simply Leak Detection utilizes a variety of leading equipment choices. By far the first piece of equipment on every job is the Leak-Pro probe. It's highly durable, simple to operate and extremely sensitive. Additionally, there is no mainenance or re-calibration needs and repairs (if ever needed) can be done without shipping to an authorized repair center. The Leak-Pro probe allows us to clearly & accurately listen to every touchable pipe, valve & meter to quickly asses the closest area of the leak...and in many cases, locate the leaks exact location. For many others that also own & use the Leak-Pro probe, it's the first tool out of the truck and often the only piece of equipment used! With daily use and little care, this quality built & durable Leak-Pro probe in our opinion is worth its weight in gold!"

- Simply Leak Detection
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