Air anywhere kit.150 feet of special Air hose. The 12 V plump  stays in  your vehicle and is Remotely controlled from up to 200 feet away. $800.00

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 If you can spend three days and $6000  We can  train you for slab leaks & swimming pool leaks at our five-acre site near of Palm Springs, California.This includes all the equipment you need and hotel. Transportation to and from training.

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 Leak pro probe sold separately   $1200.00    




 Become A specialist in the plumbing industry. Financing for training and equipment is available 

Purchasing these three  items will put you into the leak locating business instantly. For a limited time only, you can purchase these three items for the cost of one leak locating device.

   The magic wand , the LEAK PRO probe and the air anywhere kit work  together. The LEAK PRO probe is used to identify the line and  hear the water leak under concrete. Then you back it up with air.You hear air bubbles. Then putting helium into the waterline. The magic wand is then used to sniff the helium coming up, verifying that the leak is really there.The magic wand makes it easy  to  locate outside underground leaks on lines 300 feet or more.



 If you can't find that water leak Then you need to know Leak-Pro

It's easy if have underground water leak locating tools  

We help you to become the owner of your own business. You can earn over $200 an hour.

Adding these three  tools to your already existing business will bring in $500 or more a week

The magic wand helium locator

   Comes with helium flow gauge

​And special adapters for water lines. $1800.00