We do more than manufacturer. We can train you to do your own business,And become a member of a small group of of technicians assisting the plumbing industry worldwide. Operators are standing by.
                               Welcome to the LEAK PRO LLC. equipment            Plumbers in the know use LEAK PRO 
                                 Why, you ask?
        When trying to locate a leak under a slab or  around the swimming pool or even in the front yard.
  The famous LEAK PRO PROBE is the first tool out    of the truck. It's made for rugged abuse. Comes to you ready to go. Not overly complicated, If you have any difficulty Locating that elusive water leak. We can help you over the phone. Once you receive it you can earn over $250 per hour in the USA. 
 To order, have your Visa or MasterCard ready.
 Call 760-832-5325. Operators are standing by 24 hours a day.You will be billed for $1300.00 US. no tax and free shipping anywhere in the world.
Ask our operator about training and support. And a huge discount on our older equipment 


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